Author: Peter B. Hodges
Director: Peter B. Hodges

Producer: Caravan Theater Company

The Studio Theatre
5/10/18 - 5/26/18


About The Show:


Marlowe's Fate, written and directed by Peter B. Hodges, is a ferocious comedy that tellst he tale of two innocent men struggling to survive in an Elizabethan Age of Machiavellians pies, slapstick puppets and an outrageous avalanche of unintended consequences beginning with Christopher Marlowe’s last terrible night in London and ending a lifetime later with Will Shaxper’s last explosive night on Earth.

Christopher Marlowe, the most talented and accomplished playwright and poet of his generation, meets his terrible fate in a shocking and surprising confrontation in a riverside tavern in Deptford. One week later, Willm Shaxper is recruited to act as stand-in for thedisgraced Marlowe, putting his name on Marlowe's poem, Venus and Adonis. Five years later,as Shakespeare's fame grows, Ben Jonson is hired to keep him under control. The second act begins with a Punch and Judy show staging a title fight between Shakespeare and Marlowe puppets for the English literary crown. Finally, Ben Jonson and Michael Drayton join Shaxperto celebrate his 52nd birthday at his daughter's inn where a lifetime of thwarted dreams reaches an explosive conclusion.

Marlowe's Fate Special Information

New York Premiere. Marlowe's Fate is the second part of the Christopher Marlowe Festival. This Festival is the first time that two original plays, Marlowe's Fate and The Shakespeare Conspiracy, both of which expose the truth about the connection between Christopher Marlowe and William Shakespeare, have ever been presented on a single stage.

The two productions will make their New York City premiere’s just as new plagiarism software revealed further evidence that Christopher Marlowe was in fact the author of the plays credited to Shakespeare. How? Because the software revealed that a private manuscript written in 1576 was a source for a third of the plays in the first folio. The manuscript was only available exclusively at Cambridge. Shakespeare never even visited Cambridge. Marlowe grew up there and graduated from the University with honors and commendations from members of the queen's privy council. The manuscript influenced Marlowe's Tamburlaine and Faustus in addition to the plays credited to the uneducated, itinerant actor from Stratford.


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